A Visit to the Museum of Underappreciated Games

You’ve heard of “Myst,” “Quake” and “Tomb Raider,” but how many people remember “Obsidian,” “Grim Fandango” and “Under A Killing Moon?” —Gene EmeryA Visit to the Museum of Underappreciated Games (Yahoo|Reuters (will expire))

One presumes this museum is somewhere near The Island of Misfit Toys. Of course, there is also The Underdogs, a site devoted to games that have disappeared from commercial shelves (or games that never were released commercially… there’s a healthy section on interactive fiction, including recent releases from the present, post-commercial era.).

Grim Fandango is on my list of “games I’ve read about and really should take a look at,” because I’ve seen it mentioned in games scholarship.

I’ve got “Obsidian” in a small stack of retro CDs in my office. “Under a Killing Moon” must be in a box somewhere.

Just hearing the name of the latter two titles makes me think of the taste of the Keebler wafer cookies that my sister and I would load up on when I spent a weekend away from graduate school, at her apartment, catching up with her and playing games.