The (Classroom) Blog: A Moment for Literacy, A Moment for Giving Pause

On both micro and macro levels, drawing from the research of others and my own, this proves true for both teachers and students: for some, particularly those with access, the blog is relevant to their lives both within and outside the classroom; for others, though, the medium remains irrelevant. This means that the quest for literacy cannot end with or be subsumed by any one medium. This extended but heavily…


Nuclear Family

“Will you sit with the baby while I read the boy a good-night story?” “I’m so dead,” the wife sighs. “You put them both to bed tonight.” The six-year-old parades past holding the book he’s chosen. Nuclear Energy. Husband and wife exchange glances. “Look!” the boy beams. “It has a whole chapter on protons!” Wife staggers off to the baby’s room.