The Bane of the President's Existence

A few months into my new job as a “new media journalism” teacher at Seton Hill University, a small liberal arts school in southwestern Pennsylvania, I was at a fancy on-campus dinner event, where the university president was working her way through the crowd, laying on the charm. I heard her relate a slightly off-color anecdote about a local celebrity. After the punch line, as the laughter was fading, I asked for the celebrity’s first name again.

“So, is this for your blog?” asked a colleague.

We all chuckled – but the president’s deflector screens went up. —Dennis G. JerzThe Bane of the President’s Existence (Lore)

I understand the need for the editors to revise all the texts so they conform to a uniform style, but I dislike the conversion of “weblog” to “Web log”.

That editorial decision introduced the term “community Web-logging space” into my article.