Is That A Dragon or a Duck?

Adventure – based on the classic text game of the same name – was the first game ever to contain an easter egg. —Is That A Dragon or a Duck? (Metafilter) It’s great to see Adventure get a mention, but no, the Atari version was a graphics game that really shared nothing besides the name with the Crowther/Woods text originial. I see that Metafilter credited Memepool.


Football Slouches Toward a Former Women's College

I don’t have many positive associations with any sport, beyond lots of “quality time” with Dad in kiddie leagues. In high school I once accidentally caught a pop fly ball in my baseball cap. I somehow managed a flabby toss to a teammate, who tagged a passing runner for a double play. But traumatic run-ins with a few testosterone-for-brains Neanderthals (including the batter of the aforementioned pop fly) loom far…