Writing just to keep the 'streak' alive

All my life I have struggled to succeed. I have toiled at the wheel of journalistic ethos, logic and wisdom. And do I get any credit for this? Oh, no. All I get is, “Hey, better call Tim because there’s a streaker at Wal-Mart.” I have a mind, folks. I can talk intelligently about Social Security reform, I can list the known carcinogens in coal-fired generating plants, I know the…

The irresistible, singable, stick-in-your-mindable jingle is dead

Ten years ago Eric Korte, vice president and music director at the ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi, was commissioning original music for 90 percent of the company’s campaigns. This year, more than half of his workload involves licensing published songs, and the trend is only gaining momentum. “The jingle,” Korte says, “is dead.” —Joan Anderman —The irresistible, singable, stick-in-your-mindable jingle is dead (Boston Globe)

Post-Mortem of a Flawed Broadcast

Already under duress from years of budget cuts, poor ratings and reduced influence, CBS News suffered a crushing blow to its credibility yesterday because of a broadcast that has now been labeled as both factually discredited and unprofessionally produced. —Bill Carter —Post-Mortem of a Flawed Broadcast (NY Times) This article describes the fallout from the apparently forged memos on Bush’s National Guard service.