Textbooks: Spring 2005

Textbooks: Spring 2005 (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

Classes start the week after next. I’m teaching the regular full teaching load — four courses — plus an overload.

Students are starting to ask what books they should buy. I won’t be able to get the syllabi up online until next week, but I thought I’d post the reading list here so I can send the URLs to students who e-mail me with questions.

Seminar in Thinking and Writing

No new books if you had me last term.

EL 150: Introduction to Literary Studies

Required Purchase

Clarvoe, Pick Up Ax 0881451037

Edson, Wit 0571198775

Farrel & Koch, Sleeping on the Wing (modern poetry anthology) 0394743644

Foster, How to Read Literature Like a Professor 006000942X

Gibaldi & Franklin, MLA Handbook (6th ed) 0873529863

Shakespeare, The Tempest 0451527127

Stephenson, The Diamond Age 0553380966

Truss, Eats, Shoots and Leaves 1592400876

McBride, The Color of Water 1573225789

Miller, Death of a Salesman 0140481346

EL 267: American Literature from 1915-Present


Academy of American Poets, Fifty years of American Poetry 0440218772

Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby 0684801523

Kidd, The Secret Life of Bees 0142001740

McBride, Miracle at St. Anna 1573229717

Rice, The Adding Machine 0573605084

Treadwell, Machinal 1854592114

Updike (ed), Best American Short Stories 0395843677

Williams, A Streetcar Named Desire 0451167783

EL 355: Media Aesthetics


Clarvoe, Pick Up Ax 0881451037

Laurel, Utopian Entrepreneur 0262621533

Powers, Galatea 2.0: A Novel 0312423136

Thorburn & Jenkins, eds. Rethinking Media Change 0262701073


Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray 0451526015

(You can opt to download a free copy of this out-of-copyright novel, but if you don’t like the idea of reading a novel from a screen, this inexpensive paperback is an option.)



Associated Press, The Associated Press Stylebook 0465004881