Slayer Slang

Buffy has introduced new slang terms and phrases in nearly every episode, many of them formed in the usual ways, some of them at the crest of new formative tendencies. The show incorporates familiar slang, too; the familiar and newly coined slayer slang together compose a particularly vivid snapshot of current American teen slang. —Michael Adams —Slayer Slang (Do You Speak American?) I’m trying to incorporate more grammar and study of…

Professor's Saturn Experiment Forgotten

“If you’re looking for a job with instant and guaranteed success, this isn’t it.” — David Atkinson, scientist whose 18 years of work on a space probe experiment were trashed when someone forgot to turn the thing on before the probe’s 1997 launch. —Professor’s Saturn Experiment Forgotten (AP/My Way)


Welcome Back, Blog

Welcome Back, Blog (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog) Dear blog, I missed you while you were down. Let’s take this opportunity to thank Will Gayther for helping me bring you back, and to thank those who e-mailed me to let me know you weren’t well. Welcome back.