Reading and Seeing

Literary critics who never use but one approach remind me of a child who, playing with a piece of transparent red plastic, has just discovered this effect. ?Look, mommy,? she says, ?the refrigerator is red!? ?Look, mommy, the stove is red too!? ?Look, mommy, the dish towel is light red and dark red!? ?Look, mommy, the floor is dark red with bright red spots!? ?Look, Mommy, my green socks are…


Google Raises Word Limit to 32

Google greatly advances its web search by raising the word limit to 32 words. Previously, only up to 10 words were allowed. —Google Raises Word Limit to 32 (Google Blogoscoped) The casual user probably won’t notice a difference. It was really hardly any trouble to cut out some of the words in a string that Google truncated, but the blog entry notes some situations where the added capacity could be useful.


53-keys New Standard Keyboard

After 130 years of typing the same way the keyboard has finally grown up. [Who or what was doing the typing? The subject of the sentence is “the keyboard”. The word “typing” is a dangling modifier.] Standard Keyboards of Santa Maria, California announced [missing word — “an”] “alphabetical” keyboard that offers user-friendly benefits and quick data entry for any level user. New Standard Keyboards debuted [stylistically awkward… “introduced” would be…