Use of Blogs in the Classroom: A Very Brief Survey

Many thanks for responding to my brief survey. My name is Ashley Holmes, and I am conducting some descriptive research as part of my M.A. thesis in composition under the direction of Dr. Chris Anson at NC State University. Most of my work has involved collecting and describing cases of blogs used for the teaching of college composition. I am interested in cataloguing and analyzing the various uses to which blogs are being put. To enrich the information I have gathered, I would greatly appreciate your responses to some brief questions about your use of blogs in your teaching. The survey below should take you only a few minutes of your time, but your responses will be enormously helpful to me in my project.

When you submit your responses, they are sent only to me in email format. If you would like more information about my project or this survey, please contact me at Many thanks in advance for your help. —Use of Blogs in the Classroom: A Very Brief Survey (North Carolina State University)