What Larry Summers Said

Bowing to faculty demands, Harvard President Lawrence H. Summers on Thursday released a transcript of his controversial remarks on women and science. He did so while releasing yet another apology for those remarks and as the head of the Harvard Corporation released a statement backing Summers. —Scott JaschikWhat Larry Summers Said (Inside Higher Ed)

I’m blogging this not only because it’s timely and this blog has hosted discussions on women in science before…but because the article demonstrates the quiet power of links.

The article would make perfect sense if printed out, but the online version offers a newcomer links to click on for background. Someone who’s been following along the whole time can find raw data. I had seen a link to the full transcript of the speech online, and I read it quickly to see what the fuss was all about. Jaschik knows what he’s doing, when it comes to online journalism.

Regarding the women in science controversy, it amazes me that Harvard took so long to publish this transcript.