Dennis G. Jerz

—Dennis G. Jerz (IF Wiki) My entry on the IF Wiki. Thanks, Dswxyz, for compiling it. Has it been that long since I entered the IF Comp? I miss Troy Sterling and Melody Sweet (characters from my game, “Fine-Tuned: An Auto-mated Romance“). Incidentally, I just found this SynTax walkthrough for Fine-Tuned, which was reviewed and included in issue 82.


Checkmate in Four

Checkmate in Four (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog) My seven-year-old son whipped my butt in chess last night. He’s beaten me before… once when I was paying attention to fending off an attack deep in my territory, and he suddenly popped his rook out from behind a row of pawns, pinning down my king. I’m embarrassed to say that he did the exact same move on me yesterday, so he actually beat me…

A Biased Headline Twists a Story

Headline writers have other duties. They tend to be overworked and underpaid, given the power their wield. And while I’m sure the headline writer in this case had no qualms — thinking he or she was capturing the flavor of the issue — this is a small but telling example of how a headline can twist readers’ views, even before they know what the story is about. —Dan Gillmor —A…