Atlanta Nights [Will PublishAmerica Publish Any Old Thing?]

Yvonne poured herself a drink and melted into the chair across from Callie. She brushed a strand of moltenly hair from her eyes and proceeded to carve the ham. Callie watched intently. Juice streamed from the ham in rivulets like saliva drooling from the fierce jaws of a wild dingo poised over the dead carcass of its prey in the dingo-eat-dingo world. —Travis TeaAtlanta Nights [Will PublishAmerica Publish Any Old Thing?] (Digital Medievalist)

The above is an excerpt from a novel that was given a contract with print-on-demand publisher PublishAmerica, which claims to be a selective, legitimate publishing source. Once the authors of the novel announced it was a hoax (get it— “Travis Tea”?) designed to test the selectively of PublishAmerica, the publisher revoked the contract. Digital Medievalist links to the relevant documents and other coverage of the story.

What is “a strand of moltenly hair”? That’s brilliantly bad.