You only want me for my URLs?

Oh blog, me, babe! Don’t miss a word of it!

Many a blog has brought love to my door

Netted by sparkling poem, or flash of wit –

The chatroom kind, of course, and little more.

What need of tangled flesh on messy dates

The weight of expectation as it starts

Its gentle journey southwards, then abates?

The strain of those repeated broken hearts?

Love’s old economy is gone for good

Desire is met through ethernet, our span

Is all the world by cable, though we should

Still try to be as sticky as we can.

But now I’m worried if your e-mail spells:

You only want me for my URLs? —Rebecca MacKinnonYou only want me for my URLs? (Weblogs at Harvard Law)

Fun, silly stuff. My Intro to English Lit class will be writing a sonnet in a little while, so I’m saving this for later.