Pi Day Gives Math Mavens Something to Celebrate

“It’s Pi Day because the date is 3/14 — the first three digits of Pi,” said Howard Greenspan, who oversaw a Pi Day Party online with a Pi drop at MathematiciansPictures.com, a Web site that sells Pi paraphernalia. —Jan PaschalPi Day Gives Math Mavens Something to Celebrate (Yahoo/Reuters)

Seton Hill celebrates Pi Day with a pie-in-the-face auction.

I’m told that I’m much in demand as a target participant, but last year I was at the 4Cs (the big annual college writing conference), and while I was on campus today, this year SHU’s Pi Day celebration was moved to a day when I will be out of town (again for the 4Cs).

I’ll file this under “science” because I don’t have a “Math” tag. I was considering maybe a more general “Geekery” tag, but then I’d have to file half my entries under that.