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I had a calculator watch in high school. It had a touch screen. This was in about 1984 — it was awesome. I daydreamed about being able to play text adventure games on a watch, and I even sketched out what the interface would look like.

A girl who hadn’t spoken to me for three years asked me to borrow it for a final exam. She returned it to me busted, and sort of mumbled something approximating an apology.

For some reason, I didn’t really mind. She had given me the excuse to smash the broken watch to bits. I photocopied the pieces, and inserted the photocopy in my journal.

I won’t go into all the details, but this girl had caused me some adolescent angst (not of the romantic variety, more of the misunderstanding-and-gossip variety), and I felt good about my decision not to get angry with her for it. In fact, four other girls who watched me smash my watch were fascinated by the whole thing. While I don’t know that there was anything particularly macho about smashing a nerd watch, I still had an entourage of girls following me around and asking me for pieces of the wreckage. All in all, I think it was a fair trade.