Terrorism or Stupidity?

Because Grinnell is a small college, it‘sclear that many students make postings that assume a lot of knowledge on the part of readers, and the postings range from serious to silly with many appearing to be the kind of thing a college student might write after a beer or three.

Another Grinnell student sent an e-mail message saying: ?The post looks very bad when read out of context, but it was all written with tongue firmly very firmly in cheek, and no one who knew him at all well doubted that it was a joke. Unfortunately, someone with no sense of proportion or context (probably an administrator, although no one has claimed responsibility for the atrocity) contacted the police about it, and Paul was arrested. —Scott JaschikTerrorism or Stupidity? (Inside Higher Ed)

A good article that examines the context in which a student posted a call to violence.