Joy of Blogging – Entry #201

Shizzam! This, my friends, is entry #201! Hard to believe that only 8 months ago, I wrote my very first entry here on the Seton Hill University blog system. I don’t think I could say enough positive things about blogging:

1) I get to be part of a large r community of like-minded individuals – we are all here to learn, to get a decent education complete with a college degree that (we hope) will lead us on to bigger and brighter things.

2) My writing has noticeably improved over the last eight months – I’ve been forced to tailor what I say to suit my audience (less swearing for instance) and to transform “forced blogging” assignments into something that I hope is interesting for other people to read. This is an essential skill for a person who’s hoping to make a career of words.

3) I have a ready made audience at my fingertips. This is a great thing.

4) Blogging got me a job! (at the Writing Center with a whole other community of great people! sweet!)

Okay. enough. We now return to our regular programming. —Moira RichardsonJoy of Blogging – Entry #201 (Literary Tease)

Moria is one of my students. This is one of those examples of student enthusiam and achievement that I just want to print out and hang on the wall, to remind me why I love this job — and to keep me going when thinks look bleak.

Note that each letter of the word “larger” is a link to a fellow bloginator. Very clever!