About Editing Articles in Encarta

It’s easy to propose edits to Encarta. To start editing, just click the Edit this article link on any article page. After you enter your changes to the article, summarize them in a brief sentence in the Summary of Changes field. Then cite your sources of information in the Sources and Comments field.

After you submit an edited article, it goes through several steps. First, a researcher verifies the accuracy of the suggested changes. Then an editor reviews the article for issues such as readability and organization. Finally, the proofreading staff makes sure the article adheres to Encarta style.

Due to the high volume of feedback we receive, it may take several weeks for your suggested changes to go through this process. Lengthy submissions may take even longer. Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to notify you when your suggestions are accepted.

About Editing Articles in Encarta (MSN)

The link should be “suggest that a paid staff member consider using the work that you have contributed for free,” not “edit this article.” I wonder just how popular this feature will be… Part of the fun of editing Wikipedia is seeing your changes go into effect right away. At any rate, the rapid rate at which Wikipedia reflects what’s going on in the world is obviously influencing Encarta.

Wikipedia has a detailed discussion of the pope’s life, including sections on his declining health, death, funeral, and succession, while the Encarta article doesn’t even mention his decade-long illness.