Hitchhiker's Guide Movie Review, Long Version

That’s your lot. That’s the movie we’ve been waiting 26 years for. And let me tell you, it was not worth the wait, not for this. The whole film is true to neither the letter nor the spirit of Douglas Adams’ books and scripts. And it really seems that many of the changes have been introduced for no reason at all. For example, the novel leads us into the story by saying that the tale ‘begins very simply. It begins with a house’ whereas in the film Stephen Fry’s narration tells us that it ‘begins very simply. It begins with a man.’ Even though, when Fry says this, we are looking at a house! —Hitchhiker’s Guide Movie Review, Long Version (Planet Magrathea)

The quotation is from the conclusion to a depressing review of what might have been a good movie. From the review: “This is a terrible, terrible film and it makes me want to weep.”

Sad. It was a great series of books, at any rate.