Utopian Entrepreneur

Although a failed business enterprise, Laurel‘sPurple Moon seemed to do exactly what it had planned hit it off with girls. Her idea that games should consist of relationships, values such as loyalty, love, and courage, and conflicts such as jealousy, cheating, exclusion, racism, materialism, and broken homes seems worthwhile, but as a young girl I also would have wanted some action as well. Perhaps there is a happy medium that would please both boys and girls a video game that incorporates action and physical complications into an in depth storyline filled with rich characters, relationships, emotional conflicts, and growth. —Johanna DreyfussUtopian Entrepreneur (The Long and Winding Road)

My student Johanna Dreyfus reflects on Brenda Laurel’s Utopian Entrepreneur. I’m looking for this game, too, Johanna! Let me know if you find it!