Movable Type 3.16 on the way

Six Apart plans to release version 3.16 of Movable Type this Monday, April 18. The new release includes over 100 bug fixes and improvements including significant security fixes making this a must-have for all Movable Type installations. —Movable Type 3.16 on the way (neil’s world)

Aah, phooey… just this afternoon I finally upgraded from MT 2.65 to MT 3.15. One weekend and it’ll be obsolete.

I really like MT 3.15’s comment moderation feature. If someone posts a comment that looks like spam, MT can hold it for moderation — that is, the blog owner has to click a button to publish the comment.

Once students users approve a comment from a poster, other comments from that poster get approved automatically.

The only complaint I have is that comments awaiting moderation show up on a page that I created to show all comments across all blogs, a page which doesn’t seem to be rebuilding anyway. Hmm… that’s a bother, but I’ve been at it long enough today. Time to go home.