Teachers Who Position Their Blog or CMS as their Professional Home Page

In the minority are those teachers who have setup their blog/cms as the main home page for their site, integrated into their blog or CMS or at least provide obvious links to their CV, teaching experience, etc, off of the main page of their blog. The blog/CMS is thus positioned as the main public face for establishing professional ethos, an inseparable part of the teacher/researcher’s identity. I was actually surprised at how few I have been able to find; it seems a large number of those in the field don’t provide direct links to their professional CV or teaching philosophy from the front page of their blog or only a brief mention of their professional affiliation thus making it obvious to me that they would not share their blog as the singular main portal into their professional identity in a cover letter or resume submitted to a hiring committee.

Here’s the list I have so far where teachers are building their professional identity into their blog/cms site, or at least featuring the blog as their home page with direct links back to CV, bio, etc.

Anyone have suggestions for other sites in rhetoric and composition with these characteristics? I’m sure there must be some more out there and I’d like a few more examples. —Teachers Who Position Their Blog or CMS as their Professional Home Page (KairosNews)