We're all working hard… comparatively….

Telling ourselves we have “so much” to do and that it is “so hard” and that we’ll “never get done” is conterproductive. Instead of talking about these things we should just haul off and do them!

And don’t let friends that don’t get this concept to drag you down with them. Let them list their tribulations, if they must, but tell them you’re sure they’ll get it done and that they’ll be fine. Because they will. And so will you; but you are much better off not trying to play “anything-you-have-I-have-it-worse” game. That isn’t getting anyone anywhere. —Karissa KilgoreWe’re all working hard… comparatively…. (New Media Journalism @ Seton Hill University)

I’ve had Karissa as a student in several classes. Like everyone else at school this week, she’s facing a mountain of work.

Her positive attitude is refreshing and welcome.