Wired News Releases Source Review

MIT Technology Review Online on March 21 retracted two stories written in whole or in part by Michelle Delio, citing the publication’s inability to confirm a source. On April 4, InfoWorld edited four articles by Delio to remove anonymous quotes…. Penenberg provided Wired News with a list of 24 stories that contained sources he could not confirm… Delio, in communications with Penenberg and Wired News, stands by her reporting and…

Blogs of the Rich and Famous

The columnist who once ran for governor of California launched a Web site called The Huffington Post on Monday. It features dozens of name-brand bloggers, as well as news coverage. Is this a welcome addition or an unwanted intrusion? —Blogs of the Rich and Famous (AOL — Daily Pulse) Now this is funny… when AOL is tweaking you for not getting it, you know you’re in trouble.


The Huffington Post: First Response

What will be the contributions of a large bunch of people, who could have blogged on their own if they wanted to, but were motivated to do so by the Arianna Huffington brand name? I briefly checked out The Huffington Post today. I was never too impressed by the collective achievements of the celebrity intellectuals that Salon pulled together in its heyday. The experiment will expose a wider range of…