Wired News Releases Source Review

MIT Technology Review Online on March 21 retracted two stories written in whole or in part by Michelle Delio, citing the publication’s inability to confirm a source. On April 4, InfoWorld edited four articles by Delio to remove anonymous quotes…. Penenberg provided Wired News with a list of 24 stories that contained sources he could not confirm… Delio, in communications with Penenberg and Wired News, stands by her reporting and the existence and accuracy of her sources.


Wired News is not retracting any of these stories. Rather, we are appending notes to the stories, indicating what we have been unable to confirm about them and editing them, as noted, where appropriate. By keeping these stories posted and clearly marked, we hope that our readers can help identify any sources whom we cannot track down. —Wired News Releases Source Review (Wired)

Interesting development. I’ve probably linked to dozens of Delio’s stories. I think I once sent her an e-mail that was critical of a phrase that I thought was biased, but that’s insignificant.

Keeping the articles up, noting which details are unconfirmed, usefully takes advantage of the flexibility of electronic text.