The World's Energy Problems Solved by My 7-year-old

The World’s Energy Problems Solved by My 7-year-old (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

For months now, my son has been requesting, for his bedtime stories, books about chemistry and energy. We just finished one on windmills.

These aren’t kiddie picture books — they are thin, but they are chapter books, packed with statistics and chemical equations. For a while, Peter was making up stories about Atom City, a place he invented where anthropomorphic molecules of oxygen, carbon and hydrogen run around sharing electrons and exchanging energy.

Here’s what’s on his mind lately.

Save Earth-made Energy Sources

Dictated by Peter Jerz (age seven)

Anybody know about those coal power plants or other fossil fuel burning stations, and all the people who know there is only so much the Earth can make? Well, if we run out, how can we get energy? So save some fossil fuels.

But here are two power stations that may be able to use energy that lasts until the end of time. Wind power plants, and water power plants (hydro-electric power or power stations that use water to turn their turbines). So on this weblog, you can find out how you can save some fossil fuels. And now, here are ways of doing it.

Close some coal power plants that may make pollution or get rid of some fossil fuels the Earth created.

Some furnaces could burn other things besides natural gas, perhaps use wood instead. (Maybe you could just use a few fans so you don’t waste too much wood.) Since oil may last for only thirty-five years, close a lot of oil burning places. Also, natural gas may last for sixty years, so you can keep a few more natural gas burning plants open. Since coal can last for the next six hundred years, you can have a few power plants open, but make sure you can save it so it can last even longer.

And so now you’ve learned about what I am thinking of the Earth.

Perhaps you should think seriously like I do.

Goodbye, and see you on the next weblog or email.

Okay Daddy, that’s about what I wanted for my weblog.

Have you saved it yet? Because I think I want to put one more thing.

By the way, my name is Peter Jerz. Bye bye.

You know Daddy, if you let [Humanities Division chair] John Spurlock see that, I bet you could earn another fifty dollars.

Stopping Pollution

The cons of using fossil fuels:

For one thing, fossil fuels could make pollution, and they could be rare. Another thing is, that you could run out of fossil fuels. Another thing is that mining some fossil fuels could be dangerous. And for another thing, pollution could destroy the environment. (In some movies, pollution can make monsters). Fossil fuels could be expensive to start a business with. Even though some states and countries may have lots of it, then it could run out if they keep burning it up for energy. Coal could last for the next six hundred years. Natural gas for the next sixty years. But there may be only oil for the next thirty-five. Natural gas and oil may not last for very much longer. Coal dust can be dangerous to lungs in mining. Another thing. Try to make safe energies, and non-pollutive ones, too.

Well I guess that’s what I wanted to put down. Those are probably good reasons for someone so young, I guess, Daddy.

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