Thank You Epstein-Barr

For those of you who don’t know what Mono is… let me explain. It is known to most ignorant people as “The Kissing Disease.” This, of course, makes anyone who has it appear to be a whore or a gameshow host. But, this isn’t a proper representation of how the disease is actually spread. I certainly didn’t get it through kissing (I more than likely caught it from my roommate Jon, or from just general overwork). But the disease is actually spread through saliva and mucus. So you could really call it the “Blowing Your Nose Into Someone’s Mouth/Licking Someone’s Eye/Sticking Your Tongue In Someone’s Ear/Sneezing on Someone Else’ Tongue/Pouring a Cup of Your Spit into Someone’s Coffee” Disease. That’s a little more fitting. —Mike RubinoThank You Epstein-Barr (Tranquility Lost)

An SHU student, who I’ve never actually had in a class, offers this as his end-of-term excuse. (Tongue in cheek, of course.)