Microsoft shouldn't be hard to understand

Microsoft shouldn’t be hard to understand

taking a cold, risky plunge for a taste of abalone

many of the thousands of demonstrators in the city square cried – it was their first public forum in years

behind failed Abu Ghraib plea

internet attack is called broad and long-lasting

a high-ranking Uzbek official said on condition he not be named

men and women took the podium and shared their anger about

a party last weekend in Virginia Beach

a hyper-realistic visual impact rarely encountered in the medium of watercolor


don’t confuse a respirator with a working brain

a late HIV diagnosis

lies in its ability to concretize the most fundamental human emotions

an Italian man who didn’t tell his bride he was impotent

is back on the radar screens of intelligence agencies —Microsoft shouldn’t be hard to understand (Newspoetry)

A poem, auto-generated from news sources.

If you find one you like, post it on your own blog, or here in the comments.

Via Scott Rettberg.

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