SMU lecturer takes heat for telling blog

The educator’s anonymous Web log, set at an unnamed university “in the South,” spun tales of spoiled-rich “Ashleys” with their $500 sandals and $1,500 handbags, eating disorders, plagiarism and drug use, legal and illegal.

“At this school it seems like every kid is on multiple medications,” the professor wrote, describing her charges as “barely literate,” prone to emotional problems and “terrified of displeasing Mommy and Daddy.” —Thomas KorosecSMU lecturer takes heat for telling blog (Houston Chronicle)

Liner, the author of “Phantom Professor” weblog, is actively shopping her story around.

“I heard the two words every writer waits a lifetime to hear,” she said. “Movie deal.”

Ah! Leave it to Hollywood to rescue us from all that pesky soul-searching about boundaries and ethics.