Toward Authentically Interactive Characters and Stories

Question 1: What do you consider the most important qualities and pleasures we *don’t* yet find in today‘sinteractive entertainment? And why are they needed?

Question 2: Why haven’t these qualities been achieved? What are the obstacles, how daunting? Are they so technically difficult that incremental progress is not possible? Are players happy enough with what they?ve got? Too great a divide between programmers and designers?

Question 3: Give a realistic prescription for how to surmount these obstacles in the foreseeable future. Or, describe how this is not possible, or the wrong direction. Near-term technical and design milestones to shoot for? How can publishers become more experimental? Do we need to train a new generation of designer-programmers? —Andrew SternToward Authentically Interactive Characters and Stories (Grand Text Auto)

A great discussion thread, started by Andrew Stern’s questions. A great overview of the state of storytelling in the contemporary gaming industry.