CRTW201 Blogging Home Page

This semester we are going to experiment with blog technology to practice working on your critical thinking, reading, and writing skills. Frankly, Im not sure where this is going to go this semester, but I hope we will find this useful and productive. Students last term convinced me that blogs rather than course discussion lists were more useful to them for deep discussion (as opposed to short messages), so let‘ssee if they were right. Jo KosterCRTW201 Blogging Home Page (Winthrop University)

I found that students who only blogged sporadically sometimes found it difficult to remember which peer blogs they had commented on. I like the idea of a blog sheet, though I wonder if it might be more useful to have students keep that log online, as one of their blog entries.

I have thought about the “designated blogger” role. The whole class benefits when one or two super-dedicated bloggers do a lot of filtering and cross-linking. But I’d like to spread that responsibility around a bit more…