Woman kept alive to save baby

On May 7, the 26-year-old vaccine researcher from Arlington, Virginia, 15 weeks pregnant with her second child, collapsed from a stroke brought on by undiagnosed melanoma.

She suffered serious brain damage and will never regain consciousness, but the cancer is spreading quickly.

Now Ms. Torres’ family is hoping she will live long enough on life support to deliver the baby — her last act of love, says her husband, Jason Torres. —Joanne LauciusWoman kept alive to save baby (National Post)

Susan Torres graduated from the University of Dallas, my wife’s alma mater. She and her family are now living in the general area where I grew up. So I feel a connection.

Unlike the Terry Schaivo case, it appears that family members support Jason Torres’ decision to keep his wife on life support. (At least, if they don’t, that’s not part of the current news coverage.)