Turn On, Tune In, Veg Out

Modern English has given us two terms we need to explain this phenomenon: “geeking out” and “vegging out.” To geek out on something means to immerse yourself in its details to an extent that is distinctly abnormal – and to have a good time doing it. To veg out, by contrast, means to enter a passive state and allow sounds and images to wash over you without troubling yourself too much about what it all means….. The first “Star Wars” movie 28 years ago was distinguished by healthy interplay between veg and geek scenes. In the climactic sequence, where rebel fighters attacked the Death Star, we repeatedly cut away from the dogfights and strafing runs – the purest kind of vegging-out material – to hushed command bunkers where people stood around pondering computer displays, geeking out on the strategic progress of the battle. —Neal StephensonTurn On, Tune In, Veg Out (NY Times)

Hmm… I think the scenes in the command bunkers were simply there to give Carrie Fisher something to do during the battle. Well, having C-3PO there to worry about Artoo was also a nice touch.