My 1999 Protoblog

This page provides the usual list of links to writing resources on the Internet… but instead of trying to cover everything in a long list, I have been very selective. The “Spotlight” section features links to articles about academic writing. If you have suggstions for this page, please let me know. —Dennis G. JerzMy 1999 Protoblog (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

Last year, I had a mathematics blockage and prematurely announced the sixth anniversary of my weblog.

If you’re curious, here’s a cache of my protoblog on June 22, 1999, and a brief history of my weblog. An excerpt: “My site didn’t mention the word “weblog” until 2000, when it appears exactly once, when I linked to the Feb 2000 Wired article noting the boom in weblogging.”