More and more e-savvy educators using blogs

Self-reflection is a hallmark of many teachers’ blogs, according to the creator of — the first stop for most teachers who want to try blogging. But thinking of them only as online journals shortchanges the medium, said Will Richardson, the nationally known lecturer on the topic who runs the site.

“More and more teachers now are finally starting to wrap their brains around the idea that you can do some really interesting things” with them, Richardson said.

He estimates there are about 3,000 teachers like Young. When he began four years ago, the number of teachers blogging on the information highway could have fit into one car.

“There were three of us,” Richardson said dryly. —Cynthia KopkowskiMore and more e-savvy educators using blogs (Palm Beach Post)

That number might be an exaggeration… he probably means that he know of three blogs written by people who identified themselves as teachers.