The Dukes Movie: Don't Go Unless They Clean It Up!

Like you, I haven’t seen the film, but I have read the script, I’ve talked to a lot of people who worked on the set, and I’ve seen the raunchy t.v. commercial. Frankly, I think the whole project shows an arrogant disrespect for our show, for our cast, for America’s families, and for the sensibilities of the heartland of our country.

Unless they clean it up before the August 5th release date I would strongly recommend that true blue Dukes fans hold their noses and pass this one up. And whatever you do, don’t take any youngsters to see it. As plain as I can put it, the only thing this movie shares with our show is the title. Oh, they do have the General Lee flying through the air, although according to the New York Times, they didn’t even use stunt drivers. —Ben “Cooter” JonesThe Dukes Movie: Don’t Go Unless They Clean It Up! (Cooter’s Place)

Oh, well… I wasn’t a huge Dukes of Hazzard fan, but since my wife was a teenager near Dallas during the height of the show, she absorbed it via the ether down there in Texas.

I felt the same way when I first started hearing about the Battlestar Galactica remake, which I hear is a great show, just not one that I’m planning to watch with my son.