Getting By In Class…with HP Pavillion Notebooks

One minute, I’m watching families talk about how they don’t know how to buy school clothes for their kids on their minimum wage salaries; the next, I’m watching spoiled 18 year olds watching martial arts films on their $1000 toys, under the pretense of taking notes in a classroom. —Mike Arnzen —Getting By In Class…with HP Pavillion Notebooks (Pedablogue) Great post, Mike. The ad would be great to show as part…


Why 'imaginary voices' are male

“Psychiatrists believe that these auditory hallucinations are caused when the brain spontaneously activates, creating a false perception of a voice,” says Professor Hunter of the university’s psychiatry department. “The reason these voices are usually male could be explained by the fact that the female voice is so much more complex that the brain would find it much harder to create a false female voice accurately than a false male voice,”…


The Evil of Excellence

She banned competitive activities during school hours. —The Evil of Excellence (JoanneJacobs.com) There’s a good discussion sparked by an American School Board Journal article (the content of this URL will probably change when the next issue comes out) that strongly discourages any kind of competition in the classroom. Even a teacher who praises “Madison” for cutting straight lines and nicely gluing glitter on her letter M is singled out for censure.

NASA Delays Discovery Launch Indefinitely

Managers had held out hope, however slim, that they might be able to launch Discovery within a few days. But with engineers no closer to figuring out why the fuel sensor malfunctioned Wednesday – a potentially deadly problem – NASA had no choice but to call for a lengthy standdown. NASA is up against the clock. If extensive repairs are needed and the shuttle has to be moved off the…