Getting By In Class…with HP Pavillion Notebooks

One minute, I’m watching families talk about how they don’t know how to buy school clothes for their kids on their minimum wage salaries; the next, I’m watching spoiled 18 year olds watching martial arts films on their $1000 toys, under the pretense of taking notes in a classroom. —Mike ArnzenGetting By In Class…with HP Pavillion Notebooks (Pedablogue)

Great post, Mike.

The ad would be great to show as part of the “Education” component of our freshman composition course, “Seminar in Thinking and Writing” (which I’m not actually teaching this year). Sounds like it should have run on MTV or during Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. While driving to and from Kentucky last week, there were many stretches when the only radio selection was country music. Several times, I heard a Kenny Chesney song, “Keg in the Closet”. Talk about the celebration of anti-intellectualism…

We went to class just to pass the time, back in ’89

We had a keg in the closet, pizza on the floor

Left over from the night before

Where we were going we didn’t really care

We had all we ever wanted

In that keg in the closet

But maybe I’m too sensitive. I’m still annoyed by the Pringles ad that showed cool students playing around in the quad with their Pringles, and showing a stuffy middle-aged prof kind of wiping his greasy, potato-chip stained hands on his vest.

Pringles only cost about a buck at Wal-Mart. Wouldn’t a professor with an office like that be eating, I dunno, cucumber sandwiches or Turkish delight, or maybe swilling brandy?