Hillary Clinton: She Got Game

Everyone that plays video games knows Grande [sic] Theft Auto and it’s [sic] reputation for violence, especially GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and now GTA: San Andreas. Lately, however, GTA:S.A. has come under more fire than its predecessors and it’s all because of something called the “Hot Coffee Mod.” Apparently the .mod,which unlocks minigames that involve explict sex scenes, was created by Patrick Wildenborg, who claims his code merely opens content that is already included in the code of each off-the-shelf game. In an e-mail to the Associated Press Wildenborg had this to say:

“If Rockstar Games denies that, then they’re lying and I will be able to prove that, my mod does not introduce anything to the game. All the content that is shown was already present on the DVD.”

As of late, Hillary Clinton has come onboard to announce she will introduce legislation to help keep mature video games out of the reach of children… —Troy RogersHillary Clinton: She Got Game (The Deadbolt)