High School Students Want Courses That Challenge

On Saturday, the National Governors Association released the results of a poll of 10,000 teenagers (16-18 years old), including both students in high school and those who had dropped out. Significant numbers of students reported that high school was not challenging enough and that they were willing to take on more work. —Scott Jaschik —High School Students Want Courses That Challenge (Inside Higher Ed) This is good news. Of course, what…

Digital Citizens: The film-maker

All this week the BBC News website is speaking to people whose creativity has been transformed in the digital age. From blogging to podcasting, millions of ordinary people are becoming writers, journalists, broadcasters and film-makers thanks to increasingly affordable and accessible tools. —Darren Waters —Digital Citizens: The film-maker (BBC) Thanks for the suggestion, Rosemary.


Stacks' Appeal

Computer technology is an invaluable supplement for research, but it becomes inefficient when it is used as a substitute for the hands-on investigation of the stacks. In any large, old library, there are unknown quantities of printed materials that cannot be found in electronic catalogs. Some of them were missed during the shift from cards to databases; others were never cataloged at all. Sometimes librarians think a book that hasn’t…