Rail line reopens in Indiana County

In Indiana, the $9.6 million railroad project funded by state, federal and railroad monies is a cooperative effort that is the “product of a great partnership of private and public officials,” according to David J. Collins, president of B&P.

“It was truly a railroad lost to the wilderness,” Collins said, explaining the track had been in poor condition for years prior to the project.

Next year, Collins said, it is expected that 1 million tons of coal — equal to 40,000 truckloads — will move on the rail line to the power plant. —Amanda CochranRail line reopens in Indiana County (Tribune-Review)

Cochran (a SHU journalism major) mentions the presence of protestors and the concerns of city officials, but the placement of these alternative voices suggests that she’s doing her job without making the challenges seem like a groundswell of citizen rage. Note also how she doesn’t stick just to one story — the governor came to our area in order to accomplish several things, so they get a mention in this story.