Current TV

I’m not to enthused about this Current TV thing. It’s for the people…but you have to pay a cable subscription fee to media conglomerates to see it. It’s apart from the establishment….except that it gets its revenue from the same corporate advertisers as every other channel. It’s new and independent… except that it’s headed up by a career politician, who presides over a team of fairly traditional corporate officers. It’s…

'Video journalists': Inevitable revolution or way to cut TV jobs?

Rosenblum’s idea is to bring “video journalists” to TV newsrooms and beyond, one-man bands that can report stories, shoot digital video, edit it on laptops and broadcast it. His client list already includes the BBC, New York Times TV and Oxygen, and he is currently helping to train VJs at local TV stations such as KRON in San Francisco and WKRN in Nashville. Rosenblum sells his vision to station management…


Nicknames and Grammar

Nicknames and Grammar (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog) While I was at home with my son, my wife took our three-year-old shopping. “We’ve got a lot of things to get,” she said, “so we’d better get a move on, Honeycakes.” In a strangely mature and clipped voice, Carolyn replied, “Peter isn’t here. So I am just one honeycake.”

Nanny Net News

—Nanny Net News ( And the Award for Painful Obsiousness in Medical Reporting goes to the September 2000 edition of the “Nanny Net News” newsletter, which offers “tips…for preventing shaken infant syndrome”. The list begins with this particularly stunning insightful: “Never, never, never shake a baby…” Who says you can’t find solid medical advice on the internet?