Current TV

I’m not to enthused about this Current TV thing. It’s for the people…but you have to pay a cable subscription fee to media conglomerates to see it. It’s apart from the establishment….except that it gets its revenue from the same corporate advertisers as every other channel. It’s new and independent… except that it’s headed up by a career politician, who presides over a team of fairly traditional corporate officers. It’s a channel of substance, that talks about what matters…except that many of the topics they’ve mentioned are meaningless fluff, overscene by that great news commentator, Depak Chopra’s son. I’d like this channel to be good, but I suspect it won’t be. It’ll be the MTV of news, that is, it’ll be a place for people to watch “on the edge” programming that’s really brought to you by the same old guys in suits that run the other channels.–unreasonCurrent TV (MetaFilter)

From the discussion thread on the debut of Al Gore’s news channel for the young.

I don’t know whether “unreason” has seen the channel, and I haven’t either, because I don’t have cable TV. But this comment did a good job of encapsulating the questions I had about the whole thing.