NYT newsroom integration memo

By integrating the newsrooms we plan to diminish and eventually eliminate the difference between newspaper journalists and Web journalists — to reorganize our structures and our minds to make Web journalism, in forms that are both familiar and yet-to-be-invented, as natural to us as writing and editing, and to do all of this without losing the essential qualities that make us The Times. Our readers are moving, and so are we. —Jim RomaneskoNYT newsroom integration memo (Poynteronline)

The New York Times will no longer keep separate staffs for the online paper and the printed edition. Many smaller papers don’t really have the choice, of course, but the move is a recognition that journalism has changed.

This is certainly a fun time to be a journalism teacher.

On the library home page at the school where I used to work, there was one link for “What’s New at the Library?” and another link for “What’s New on the Website?” The separation between the bricks-and-mortar library and the website was a sign of a turf war. While you might catch me sighing sadly at the thought that many students don’t actually walk to the library and look at the books on the shelves, you won’t catch me sighing wistfully for the days before keyword searching of the contents of journal articles.