The Washington Post Doesn't Know a Blog from a Message Board

Michael Gee, ex-Boston Herald sports writer, posted his ill-advised commentary on the ?incredibly hot? student with the ?bitchin? bod? on a message board. Check out the WaPo article, and click on the link to the ?blog? Robert MacMillan cites:

There is no blog present.

What you see is called a message board, or a forum, and has existed for quite a long time.

By calling this a ?blog,? MacMillan stamps this sordid little episode with a certain stigma – throw in blogging vs. journalism and ?should educators blog?? and you end up with the oh-so juicy headline ?Don’t Blog So Close To Me.?

Love the headline, hate the complete lack of attention being paid to different methods of communication. —Ryan SholinThe Washington Post Doesn’t Know a Blog from a Message Board (Ryan Sholin’s J-School Blog)

Via Dan Gillmor.