Desperately seeking wonder.

As an avid gamer for over 20 years, I’ve begun to wonder if I’ll ever feel the immersive sense of wonder brought on by Infocom or the old Sierra adventure games. Maybe I have become jaded over the years—many a gamer lost faith during the dreaded CD-ROM/Full Motion Video ‘Game’ era—and look at today’s over-licensed, cross-promoted clones as the standard for the future. Perhaps I frown upon today’s meager offerings because I hold out hope that a new generation of entertainers will engage us with virtual delights previously thought unmarketable. —NobulaDesperately seeking wonder. (Eclectika)

I think Nobula hits it right on the mark with this comment:

Perhaps the problem it is the abundance of these games which dilutes the experience of a single adventure—get stuck or bored with your current game and there are a dozen standing by to become your new time sink.

Good point.

I think Nobula needs to play Jigsaw, Christminster or So Far, all of them non-commercial games that rival Incofom at its best.