Colleges try to deal with hovering parents

A memo sent to departments ranging from residential life to counseling to public safety reminds employees: “We will not solve problems for students because it robs students of an opportunity to learn.”


“We get quoted the price tag frequently,” said Dean of Student Affairs Jim Terhune. “But what you’re paying for is an education, not a room at the Sheraton, and sometimes that education is uncomfortable.” —Colleges try to deal with hovering parents (USA Today (will expire))

When my parents drove me to college, 19 years ago (yipes!), I remember being sullen and annoyed because my dad wanted to stop to eat before dropping me off.

But once the car was unloaded and I had my keys, they gave me hugs and took off. I don’t think I had even met my roommate yet.

There I was: a college student. I wouldn’t have minded another meal with my folks, but instead I headed down to the cafeteria, and started a new chapter in my life.