The demise of the geek bloggers

[T]he geek bloggers are in decline and there is very little they can do about it. But before the flames start let me explain further because I’ve been tossing up the title of this post for about 24 hours, some of the other titles included: time for the geek bloggers to get a reality check, and 3G the new blogging generation. All 3 titles sum it up.


Blogging has essentially developed in waves or generations, each of which was notable for the backgrounds of the majority of people entering the blogosphere at each point. —The demise of the geek bloggers (The Blog Herald)

The three generations, according to The Blog Herald:

1G: the geek generation (1998-2002)

2G: the extrovert generation (2002-2004)

3G: the consumer bloggers (2005+)