Rami Chami's Indiana Daily Student Superdome Reports

Rami Chami, a graduate student entering Tulane University, was among those who sought refuge in the Superdome. Chami was formerly an editor at the Indiana Daily Student, and has written a three-part series for the paper about the experience.
The field before us, which would have been ideal to lay down on was empty, but off bounds. The field was manned by National Guardsmen who would not allow people on it. I was told by those around me that it was a multi-million dollar field which the stadium management did not want ruined.”
Our first choices for a bed that evening were: a wet floor, damp chair or in the reeking but dry hallway.”
The atmosphere in the dome had gotten incredibly tense and the soldiers were walking around with shotguns, which I assumed was an ideal weapon for close quarter combat.”
Rami Chami’s Indiana Daily Student Superdome Reports (Metafilter)

If the Indiana Daily Student had an index page with links to all three articles, I’d send you directly to it. But instead, I’ll send you to Metafilter’s entry.

Together, the articles tell a gripping story.