Homeless Recruiters

Because Katrina scattered Tulane students across the nation like dandelion spores, Whiteside hopes that interest might grow near colleges from New York to California that have taken in Tulane students. ?We might ask some of our students in other places to visit high schools with us,? he said.

He also hopes that from the wreckage, Tulane can present an unprecedented educational opportunity to students. ?If you want to study hydrology, restorative work, social work, engineering, reestablishing public health and educational systems, there will by no place like New Orleans over the next decade,? Whiteside said. ?We?re going to rebuild a city in very short order. There are few places in the world where someone can watch that as a laboratory unfolding before them.? —David EpsteinHomeless Recruiters (Inside Higher Ed)

Life goes on… it’s amazing to see how quickly Tulane’s PR folks have come up with this pitch.